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News and Events

Our news and events page has many articles of interest. We regularly post our upcoming events and activities to let you know what is happening at the home. You can also follow the Abbeyfield Society’s news and events here, as well as keep up to date on a variety of news articles and events relevant to the aged care sector. Please follow us on Facebook for regular updates from George Brooker House.

Early Arrival for Hetty and Flo

We are delighted to announce that our resident chickens Hetty and Flo have layed their first eggs!

Fun Times Ahead!

The house has recently purchased a bar and jukebox for our residents entertainment.

Summer Fete 2013

Sun shines on our annual garden event.

Hollywood Actress Calls for More Awareness of Alzheimer's

Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan, star of the latest Hollywood blockbuster - The Great Gatsby, is now an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society.

UK to Use G8 to Target Global Effort on Dementia

The UK will use its presidency of the G8 to identify and agree a new international approach on dementia research in recognition that the condition is fast becoming the biggest pressure on care systems around the world, Prime Minister David Cameron announced recently.

Abbeyfield Week Campaign

The Abbeyfield Society runs a national initiative every year that involves people throughout the UK in making the quality of life better for older people.