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Mind, Body and Soul

Living well in later life

Mind, Body and Soul

Living well in later life

Daily Life

Helping others to live well in later life is the ethos at George Brooker House. Our staff support independence and freedom of choice for residents. They uphold the principle that a fulfilling life is one that nourishes an individual's physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

A Typical Day for Our Residents

Rise and Shine:  Our residents wake at their leisure and are free to take breakfast throughout the morning in the dining areas. If they prefer, they can have a light breakfast at a lap table in one of the lounges where they can enjoy breakfast television. 

Morning Activities:  Organised group or individual activity programmes take place during the morning. Staff members encourage movement and gentle exercise for residents to promote good circulation and wellbeing. 

Morning Tea:  Refreshments are served throughout the lounge areas by the friendly house team. Many residents like to enjoy the morning newspapers with their mid-morning tea or coffee.

Lunchtime:  Residents dine together from a choice of freshly cooked dishes in one of the dining rooms. Our day visitors enjoy the social gathering and typically, conversation flows over lunch between residents and our guests.

Afternoon:  Following lunch, some residents like to retire to their bedrooms for an afternoon nap. Others may prefer to read, knit or enjoy a jigsaw or watch television. Staff and volunteers spend time chatting to residents and reminiscing with them about bygone days. Games afternoons are organised for those who are up for a friendly challenge. The movie lounge has regular screenings of all the old favourites from the golden years of Hollywood.

High Tea:  This light meal is served at the traditional hour. There is the choice of either a hot dish or sandwiches followed by a selection of homemade cakes or biscuits.

Evening Time:  For many residents, evenings are enjoyed watching television or reading. Family visitors may pop in on their way home from work or telephone to catch up on the day. Some residents prefer to retire to their rooms to watch their favourite TV programs while others enjoy relaxing to a movie with fellow residents in the lounge.

Supper:  The supper service commences throughout the home at 7pm. Residents enjoy their favourite milky drink or refreshment before bedtime and a selection of sweet and savoury snacks.

Bedtime:  Bedtime is a matter of personal preference at George Brooker House; residents are at liberty to retire to their bedrooms when they wish. Some like to have an early night and others prefer to go to bed later. Night staff support each resident’s individual choice and are on duty throughout the night to offer any necessary assistance.