George Brooker House
East London Extra Care Society
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About George Brooker House

A not-for-profit charitable organisation providing quality care

George Brooker House sits in the heart of the local community in Dagenham, Essex overlooking green parkland. Built in the early nineties, our house was designed specifically to support the needs of older people requiring residential aged care. It offers single accommodation for 44 residents within a homely setting. We specialise in providing care to the frail and elderly, and to those with dementia. Our professional team provide a nurturing environment where residents live as independently as possible, cared for with dignity and respect.

We are members of The Abbeyfield Society, a leading national charity founded in the fifties. As a not-for-profit charitable organisation, all income generated by the home is reinvested for the benefit of our residents. The charities mission is to enhance the quality of life for older people. The East London Extra Care Society is committed to the same ethos. Our dedicated staff provides comfort, companionship and security for our residents.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has ultimate responsibility for the running of the home through the management team. Their primary concern is the wellbeing of the residents and the maintenance of a quality home. The committee comprises of a team of voluntary trustees who give their time for the benefit of the residents. They have expertise in a variety of specialisms, and meet on a regular basis with the house team and the Residents Group.

The Management Team are responsible for the day-to-day running of the home. Margaret Strong, the registered manager has worked at the home for over 20 years. She leads our experienced team with the support of a care team leader, finance officer and a board of trustee's.

"If there were more people like you, the world would be a nicer place."
Ron and Sylvia H.

George Brooker House History

The house carries the name of George Brooker who was a local councillor and Dagenham born man. He held the influential position of council leader for Barking and Dagenham when Vic Evans, who was involved with Abbeyfield sheltered housing in the area, approached him with plans for the house. George recognised the need for a local residential home and supported the proposal. He campaigned for the home and was a key player in securing land neighbouring the local park for the building plot.

Vic Evans became the first secretary of The East London Extra Care Society’s Executive Committee; the home has a commemorative rose garden bearing his name in remembrance. George Brooker was an active supporter of the home throughout the remainder of his life and was the president until his death.

John Bradley became a supporter of the house a few years later. He was already involved with Abbeyfield and accepted an invitation to become the treasurer of the committee. He later took on the role of chairman also. There is a commemorative plaque (right) in the garden by the rockery, celebrating his long service and dedication to The East London Extra Care Society.