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Dementia Coach unveiled!


Diane is our qualified Dementia Coach and her role within the home is to promote personalised care, educate staff, promote family involvement and most importantly be a friend! 

There are many idea's that Diane has brought away from her training and we will of course keep you UpToDate.

The first one we would like to introduce is called Sparkles, this is a magazine that is used within the home on a daily & weekly basis and is designed to help residents reminisce and combat loneliness. This useful resource has many fascinating benefits, Relatives and staff who are stuck with ideas on how to communicate effectively will be encouraged to pick up one of these magazines and use it to aid natural conversation.

The sparkles magazine contains pieces of history related to that day, word finder activities and sing along songs with missing words that you have to complete.

Relatives will find these magazines located in the front foyer of George Brooker House and are welcome to pick one up and use it!


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