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Christmas 2019 Trips

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For Christmas 2019, we were lucky enough to get to use a minibus from Fords for three days so we could take the residents out on three-day trips. We did this to help the residents get into the Christmas Spirit. 

Dagenham Bowling and McDonald's









We had a great day at Bowling and McDonald’s. The minibus trip bought back lots of memories for our residents who had lived in Dagenham. The residents really enjoyed the game of Bowling and well done to our winner Gerry. The residents then ended the day trip by enjoying lunch at McDonald's. 

Lunch at the Pipe Major









We enjoyed a lovely meal out at the Pipe Major pub in Dagenham. The residents were really impressed and happy with the food and drink choices. We all had a roast dinner with 3 different selections of meat to choose from. The pub trip bought back lots of memories for Ellen, who goes to the Pipe Major often with her son and also bought back memories for both Albert and Gerry. The best part of the meal for Albert was the dessert as he loves apple pie. 


Showcase Cinema and McDonald's 

We had a lovely time at the Showcase Cinema in Beckton. Whilst we were in the minibus, Douglas was listing the names of roads in Dagenham that he remembered and Albert would mention the bus numbers that drive past and the destination the bus was heading to. We took the residents to see the movie Last Christmas. Gerry during the movie was laughing throughout. To end the trip, we finished up in McDonalds. Everyone enjoyed their meals!

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Posted on 5th December 2019

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