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Summer 2019

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Southend on Sea


We had a lovely day at the seaside sitting on the seafront. It brought back lots of memories for our residents and they enjoyed reminiscing about their visits to the seaside as children and then with their families. Naturally we enjoyed fish and chips with a pickled onion and then followed by a nice refreshing icecream.

 Lakeside Shopping Centre












We had a lovely day shopping at Lakeside. The residents were happy shopping, Rose picked up a pair of sandals that she had her eye on. We also visited an upside-down house and had a fantastic experience. The residents thought it was highly amusing. We had lunch whilst there and opted for KFC and pizza.

Hainault Forest


A great time was had by all at Hainault forest we went to see the Animals and enjoyed a nice hot drink. We then went onto a carvery and had dinner and a lager returning home with full stomachs and a good night sleep was had by all. 


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Posted on 22nd July 2019

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