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Tea and Cupcake success

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Our tea and cupcakes morning was a huge success we had a good turn out with many of our family and friends showing their support. It was a very friendly atmosphere with everyone getting involved. No particular host, as they all mucked in together as you would at any other family function - except Diane got stuck with the dishes.


Eileen and her daughter Ellie enjoyed getting to know the other families and other residents and forming new friendships. There was also magazines, poems and fun quizzes left on the table for conversation prompts however this chatty lot didnt need them!


Beryl, Sharon and her daughter enjoying a brew and a cupcake.

Susan and her dad Gerry really enjoyed themselves there was jokes galore, banter towards the Dementia Coach who was told she was going to get a boot up the proverbial for eating Susan's cake.

Annette, Diane and Maureen having a lovely time and really getting in the spirit of things. They were pouring tea, dishing out cake, socialising and helping other residents to get involved too.

Doug and Jerry taking control of the cupcakes! During the conversation Jerry learned that we have our own Facebook page and we now have more "likes" as a result. So, as you can see this social event really brought everyone together and friendships were formed, information found and fun was had by all.

Our cupcake morning will be announced but likely to be the 28/03/2019 everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you all again!




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Posted on 1st March 2019

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